Digital Assets

All digital assets present information, product or services through a digital format (on an app or website).


W.E.W. is a business conference providing a platform were multi-cultural

Women business owners & executives can come together to openly

Share and to learn from each other. W.E.W. is a building a community

Where women want to elevate each other in their careers as a woman

Entrepreneur or women business professional. I was tasked with creating

Original logo design, working with the webmaster along with color for

Additional branding. This includes promotional concepts such as t-shirts,

Pens etc. In addition to coordinating with on-site visual teams and

providing event photography.



JFAB Assets


33rd Annual Justice For All Ball on September 17, 2021

Join us for Justice on Parade at this year’s 33rd Annual Justice For All Ball on September 17, 2021. This year’s Justice For All Ball will feature the same kind of wonderful food and music that is part of our Louisiana tradition, as well as new and exciting auction and raffle items and, some surprises in store for all.

Bronzeville Mental Health Campaign